We strive to find loving permanent homes for our puppies.  If for ANY reason you are not able to take care of your puppy please contact us and we will gladly accept our puppy back at any time.  We do not want our babies to be put in a shelter!  With that said please make responsible decisions when buying a puppy. 

Female Morkies - $700‚Äč

Available Puppies



These girls are starting to be more active as they play with each other and their sweet mom, Carly.  She is so mild-mannered which seems to be coming through to her puppies.  I'm estimating them to be in the 7 pound range as adults as of right now.

~~~~~~Puppies that are in their new homes ~~~~~~


Shasta - Female Pomeranian - $700

Chloe has given us a beautiful litter of tiny babies.  I'm hoping they will be ready the end of December.  I'm estimating them to be in the 6 pound range as adults.

Wedding #2 for this year is now over!  Maltese puppies pictures taken soon!!!!  Stay tuned!


We are able to take payment by credit card or PayPal ~~~ 4% fee

Chloe's Pretty Babies - Male Pomeranians - $700

Trixie's Tiny Babies - Female Maltese - $1200

Our Brides & New Sons!!!!!

Little Shasta is the only one of her litter so she is getting extra love and attention.  I'm hoping she will be ready for her new home toward the end of December.  


We now offer microchipping to those who would like their puppy microchipped before leaving for their new homes!



Trixie has given her 4 beautiful girls her huge eyes.  They are just starting to show some personality so I can't get it captured on pictures quite yet.  I'm estimating them to be in the 5 pound range as adults.  They have fine boned and petite.  I will be keeping them a little longer than usual to make sure they will adjust smoothly to their new homes.

Due to family obligations and a busy household we must have at least a 1 day notice for any appointments.  All puppies are shown on an appointment only basis.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

****Please Note:****

We are closed on Sundays.   All e-mails and phone messages will be answered as soon as possible on Monday morning.