Shadow and Stormy have given us the most precious and fluffy babies!!!!  They are a BEAUTIFUL litter of black babies that should be ready to go the end of September, little Toby is still available.  If they are anything like their parents they will have a beautiful hair coat and a loving personality!  I'm estimating them to be in the 6-7# range as adults.  These will be the only Poms that I will have available for at least 5 months.

We strive to find loving permanent homes for our puppies.  If for ANY reason you are not able to take care of your puppy please contact us and we will gladly accept our puppy back at any time.  We do not want our babies to be put in a shelter!  With that said please make responsible decisions when buying a puppy. 


Available Puppies

We have one Porkie (Pom/Yorkie) male available.  He is a very alert guy and not much gets past him and he is more timid and quiet.  He'll quietly play with his toys and curl up on any blanket he can find and take naps.  Once he is comfortable with you he will run ahead of you and then stand on your feet to be picked up.  I'm estimating him to be in the 4-5# range as an adult.  I could snuggle with him all day!



Our Maltese babies are weaned and ready to go.  Charlie the male is pictured with the gift boxes.  He is ready at any time.  He has the sweetest personality!  So attentive and quiet!  Addyson and Carly are tiny and spunky little things that keep you on your toes!

Porkie Male ~ SOLD

Our new email!!!!! ~

Maltipom Puppies ~ SOLD

All sales that take place in Iowa will be charge 7% sales tax, as required by law.


We now offer microchipping to those who would like their puppy microchipped before leaving for their new homes!

~~~~~~Puppies that are in their new homes ~~~~~~

Due to family obligations and a busy household we must have at least a 1 day notice for any appointments.  All puppies are shown on an appointment only basis.  I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

****Please Note:****

We are closed on Sundays.   All e-mails and phone messages will be answered as soon as possible on Monday morning.  


Pomeranians ~ SOLD


We are able to take payment by credit card or PayPal ~~~ 4% fee


Morkies  ~  $700 ~ $900

We have some very sweet Morkies at this time.  Milo (black and tan) is the oldest at 8 weeks old on 11/26.  He is ready at any time.  He has the calmest and most quiet personality!  I haven't heard him make a sound yet!  I hope to have the brown babies ready at the end of December.  They are starting to show a sweet and fun personality.  If they get their mom's personality they will be comical and fun.  I'm estimating them to be in the 8# range as adults.


Maltese ~ Male & Females ~ $1200-$1500